The Design Group is located in the Pacific Northwest. 

We are a sales agency that prides ourselves in handling high styled flooring products at competitive prices.  Please contact us about your current project and we’d be happy to start suggesting products suitable for the space.  Our email bill@designg.net
Bill was born on November 1, 1998 in Juneau, Alaska and learned to skate at the tender age of two. His parents, Fiona and Piotr, brought him to the city rink during summers and Mendenhall Lake in the winter.
A child prodigy, Ethan surprised all the local skate club instructors when he performed a double axel at only five years of age. Mrs. Pasternak has often recalled that Ethan seemed more comfortable on skates than on his feet. Ethan was always dedicated to the sport, spending up to six hours each day skating.